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Beauty. Balance. Spirit. Joy. 

These are my touchstones – the principles which guide my life and inspire me to enrich yours.

My journey has taken me from boutique owner on Newbury Street in Boston to fashion icon to designer of my beloved jewelry line, Nymph Jewels. After a few other retail adventures, I have joined Masayuki Muramatsu to re-birth MATSU on Charles Street in Boston.

Through the experience of creating this virtual home, I found that nurturing and ultimately instilling confidence in my clients through styling, wardrobe consulting, and gemstone selection – wellness coaching inside and out – is my true calling.

As my Blog Journey continues I invite you to share many facets of my life as I experience them: through color, foods, gemstones, style, cooking, exercise, and nature. They embody a life complete. I have a profound admiration and connection to nature. Most of my photographs reflect the beauty and grandeur of the landscape. Learn about the power of gemstones and glimpse the world as I see it. Join me on this adventure and I hope that we can both be inspired. If I can touch even one aspect of your own heart or if one word sings to your soul, then I have created a successful message through my blog.

Visit me at MATSU on Charles Street for a unique shopping experience. Follow us there on Instagram @matsu_boston. You can also follow me on Instagram at @davamatsu or @nymph_jewels.

What are you waiting for? Work with me. There are myriad ways I can coach you – from the depths of your closet which needs organizing – to enhance your wardrobe, to create a polished image, or to adorn your body with Nymph Jewels. I look forward to seeing you and please feel free to contact me.


Yours in Joy & Style,

Dava Muramatsu


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